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Sipi Falls photo

Welcome to Sipi Falls, the perfect spot for hikers, adventurous explorers, and nature lovers!


Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this region by embarking on an exciting hike to the breathtaking waterfalls along the Sipi River. Our expert guides will be delighted to accompany you on this memorable journey.

But the adventure doesn’t end there! Mount Elgon offers countless hiking opportunities, including the chance to conquer its majestic peak at an impressive 4321 meters.

For an adrenaline rush, we highly recommend trying abseiling at the awe-inspiring Sipi Waterfalls, where you can descend a staggering 100 meters alongside the cascading water.

Nearby, the Chebonet Waterfalls await, offering not only hiking but also thrilling rock climbing experiences.

Indulge in the rich Arabica coffee culture of Sipi, famous for cultivating some of the finest coffee beans in the world. Visit the local farmers and discover the art of coffee-making, where you can brew your own cup of pure Arabica delight.

Bird enthusiasts will be in paradise with an abundance of bird species, including a diverse array found right here at Mise Cave Lodge. For an immersive bird-watching experience, join our knowledgeable guides on a captivating tour to encounter the vibrant birdlife Uganda has to offer.

Delve into the captivating culture of the Sebei people by embarking on a cultural tour guided by our experts. Learn about their traditions and way of life in this fascinating region.

These are just a taste of the thrilling activities waiting for you in Sipi. To uncover all the hidden gems in this beautiful region, trust our experienced guides to unveil the secrets and wonders that await.

Visit us at Mise Cave Lodge and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

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Roasting Arabica coffee in Sipi
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Some historical background information

Welcome to Mise Cave Lodge – The Sipi Falls Accommodation for adventurous explorers. Discover the captivating history of the Sebei people, who are part of the Kalenjin-speaking dialect in western Kenya.

The Sebei people have their roots in the Ethiopian highlands, tracing back to the early 14th century AD. Their name, Sebei, holds significant meaning as it signifies the healers tribe. This title was bestowed upon them due to the remarkable abilities of their foretellers, who possessed the gift of predicting and curing illnesses within their community and beyond, through the use of local herbs. Seeking solutions and resolving problems, these healers played a crucial role in the wellbeing of their people.

Driven by a prophecy from their foretellers, the Sebei people embarked on a migratory journey towards the east. Their prophecies promised them a paradise in the form of a mountainous region, a place blessed with abundant green pastures for their cattle, fresh water sources, fertile lands for cultivation, and an ideal environment for settlement. With hope in their hearts, they ventured towards this promised land, seeking a life of harmony and prosperity.

At Mise Cave Lodge, we invite you to experience the rich history and cultural heritage of the Sebei people. Immerse yourself in their stories, traditions, and the enchanting beauty of the Sipi Falls. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and create unforgettable memories amidst nature’s wonders.


Discover the fascinating Sebei Culture of circumcision


Delve into the rich traditions of the Sebei tribe, who practiced both male and female circumcision in ancient times. While female circumcision has been abolished since 1996 due to health concerns during and after childbirth, the ritual still holds a significant place in their history.

For women, circumcision aimed to reduce sexual sensations during the husband’s absence on hunting expeditions in the forest.

The Sebei tribe also believes that male circumcision symbolizes the transition from boyhood to manhood. Following the footsteps of their revered ancestor Abraham, who circumcised his own son Isaac, the Sebei tribe proudly honors their roots.

Join us on this immersive cultural journey and explore the profound rituals of the Sebei tribe.


Experience the captivating allure of Mise Cave, an ancient dwelling embedded with the rich ancestral heritage of the Sebei people.


As you venture into the depths of these mysterious caves, you will be transported back to a time when the Sebei migrated from their original Ethiopian highland and called these caverns their home.

Each chamber holds a unique purpose, from serving as the abode of foretellers and esteemed leaders to being the sacred grounds where offerings were made to their deities.

Mise Cave, the foretellers’ sanctuary, holds immense significance as it not only housed the king but also acted as a conduit between the people and the divine. The foretellers, blessed with the ability to communicate with God through their ancestors, ensured the well-being and prosperity of the Sebei in this world.

Embark on an extraordinary journey at Mise Cave Lodge – the Sipi Falls Accommodation for adventurous explorers.

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