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honeymoon room at mise cave lodge in sipi

Discover a sanctuary of tranquility at Mise Cave Lodge, where nature’s beauty embraces you from every angle. Immerse yourself in the enchanting vistas of Sipi and the picturesque Sipi Valley, where even Lake Bisina and the surrounding plains reveal themselves on clear days.

Nestled among the lush foliage, our 9 self-contained double rooms offer a haven of comfort and seclusion. Cascading between the rooms, two gentle waterfalls create a soothing symphony, one of which gracefully adapts to the seasons. Explore the mystical Mise Cave, an extraordinary marvel that awaits your curiosity.

We have thoughtfully designed our rooms to prioritize your privacy, ensuring a serene retreat for every guest. Sink into a restful slumber on our top-notch orthopedic mattresses, carefully selected to guarantee rejuvenation.

Indulge in refreshing showers that invigorate your senses in all our modern bathrooms. At Mise Cave Lodge, we strive to create a harmonious blend of nature and comfort, crafting an unforgettable experience for your soul.

Welcome to your perfect escape.

Mise Cave Honeymoon room
Mise Cave Room Sitting
Room 2 Mise Cave
Standard room at Mise Cave Lodge

Our Rates per room

Single Occupancy Standard Room

Bed & Breakfast USD 69,-
UGX 250.000,-
Half board USD 79,-
UGX 290.000,-
Full board USD 89,-
UGX 330.000,-

Double Occupancy Standard Room

Bed & Breakfast USD 75,-
UGX 270.000,-
Half board USD 95,-
UGX 350.000,-
Full board USD 115,-
UGX 430.000,-

Our Honeymoon Room

Bed & Breakfast USD 99,-
UGX 360.000,-
Half board USD 119,-
UGX 440.000,-
Full board USD 139,-
UGX 520.000,-

Bathrooms at Mise Cave Lodge

Hot shower at Mise Cave Lodge
Bathrooms at Mise Cave Lodge
Bathroom Mise Cave Lodge
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